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Kuo Hsing ,Lai  賴國興

Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from the Department of Architecture.

Taking "Western Art History" in the Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts.

Studying and learning digital image in Taipei Science and Technology University in 2012. 

Currently works and lives in Taiwan as a photographer.

​2019 Convenor of Taiwan Photographers Union



2014  Taiwan Museum of Art - Art Bank, Taichung City, Taiwan.

2013~  Ambassador Hotel Taipei, private museums and collectors.


2019  Barcelona "ArtExpo" Art Fair Photo Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

2017  Taipei Art Photo Show, Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.

2016  Taipei Art Photo Show, Solo Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.

          Changhua Prefectural Museum of art, Changhua, Taiwan.

          The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan.

2015  Changhua Prefectural Museum of art, Changhua, Taiwan.

          Da Dun Gallery in Culture Bureau, Taichung, Taiwan.

          Trierenberg Super Circuit (TSC), Vienna, Austria.

2014  Taiwan Photo Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan.

          Trierenberg Super Circuit (TSC), Vienna, Austria.

2013  Taiwan Photo Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan.

2012  Photo Taipei Art Fair, Solo Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.

A brief introduction of the photographer

kuo hsing ,Lai dedicated himself to art landscape and humanistic photography for more than 30 years. He is a photographic artist, who has won awards and gradually revealed characteristics of personal creation in these years in Asia and across the world, and he holds that image with vitality can make an impression on people, and emotion and vitality are important factors in creation. Optimal rules of photography is to "forget the past, and seek a new thinking". From an insistence of real replication to questioning, subversion, the usage of violation, then to the innovation process of creation in a creative way, he has begun to set out a plan to participate in international art fairs in recent years and display his works and communicates with art communities across the world.

Photography is not just a personal spiritual imagery, which is a trigger mode to realize the connections of the inner soul of humans, in addition to arouse the inner memory lurking inside people’s heart.


His expertise on architecture perspective beauty and aesthetic education developed in Professional College of art are applied in practice and presented in his photography. He has won success since 2012 in International Photography Competition. And his winning works in IPA international photography competition in professional group in 2015 are used as demonstrative photographs in “Golden Triangle composition” by Andrew Sanderson, a contemporary British photographer. The landscape pictures taken in 2014 works are awarded in the top three in Px3 photography competition and award, and also collected in "National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - Art Bank".


It is my life habit to take photographs. I always want to put the spirits of hope and dreams into the image, so I will only focus my lens on the beautiful people and things, to let the heart and all life forms crisscross, meet and merge in three-dimension space.


During these years, he made the best use of the zone system theory(1941) by Ansel Adams, conducting a research into in today's digital video mode, and developing photography model called Temporal and Spatial concept which is developed by himself. That is to say, adding a sense of flow on the originally inspissated plane images, to form stereo images with the life force.


After the " Taiwan Photo Fair " in 2014, he was invited by well-known enterprises to shoot case about Taipei cultural landscape which makes full use of the Temporal and Spatial concept. However, this series of works also continued to gain ultiple recognition from "Art Exhibition" and the International Photography Awards. This series of works has already been collected by several art collectors with unique perspective before their display in public, and he is expected to constantly create with this type of subject in the next few years.  This year, he begins to take pictures by using cameras with large format, to meet the needs of large-sized photos in this era, to make photographs more delicate in texture and richer in connotation.






1988  中華攝影學會以銀鹽底片創作

2010  開始以數位影像進行系列創作

2012  美國WPO/IPA國際攝影組織成員

2013  成為PSA美國攝影學會國際會員

2017  台灣攝影博物館文化學會會員

2019  「台灣攝影家聯盟」召集人



2014  攝影作品獲「國立台灣美術館-藝術銀行」購藏



2019  巴塞隆納 "ArtExpo" 國際藝術博覽會-攝影展 , Barcelona Spain

2018  台灣攝影博物館文化學會年度主題策展-【掠像與造像】聯展

          國立臺灣藝術大學-國際展覽廳, 台北, 台灣.

2017  台北藝術攝影博覽會攝影聯展, 華山藝文, 台北, 台灣.

​2016  台北藝術攝影博覽會攝影個展, 華山藝文, 台北, 台灣.

2016  攝影作品於國立中正紀念堂/彰化縣立美術館展出, 台北, 彰化, 台灣.

2015  攝影作品於彰化縣立美術館/台中市文化局大墩藝廊展出, 彰化, 台中, 台灣.

2015  第24屆奧地利 TSC超級攝影聯賽巡迴展, 維也納, 奧地利.

2014  第4屆 Taiwan Photo台灣攝影藝術博覽會國際攝影展, 信義/新光, 台北, 台灣.

2014  第23屆奧地利 TSC超級攝影聯賽巡迴展, 維也納, 奧地利.

2013  第3屆 Taiwan Photo台灣攝影藝術博覽會國際攝影展, 信義/新光, 台北, 台灣.

2012  台北攝影博覽會Photo Taipei「絕色台灣」個展, Park Hotel美崙, 台北, 台灣.


 kuo-hsing Lai 花了超過30年致力於藝術景觀與人文攝影創作,這些年來在亞洲與全世界已經是屢獲肯定與逐漸展露個人創意特色的攝影藝術家,並認為有生命力的影像才能感動人心,感情 (Emotion) 和生命力 (Vitality) 是創作不可或缺的重要因素,最佳的攝影法則便是"忘記過去,尋求全新的思維",從堅持真實複製到質疑、顛覆、運用違和感到創新的進程創作方式,近年也積極參與國際性藝術博覽會,並將作品展現和與全球藝術界交流。


「攝影並非只是一個人心靈意象的表現 ,它除了喚起人們潛藏在內心深處的記憶之外 ,更是在實現人與人內在靈魂交集的一種觸發模式」。


以專長對建築學的透視美感與在專業藝術學院對美學的教育養成,實際運用於攝影作品的表現裡,並於2012年起至今在國際攝影賽中屢獲佳績與肯定,2015年獲得美國紐約IPA國際攝影比賽-專業組自然類第三名作品,並也被英國當代攝影大師Andrew Sanderson引用為攝影「金三角構圖」示範作品,2014年拍攝的景觀作品除了得到法國巴黎PX3國際攝影大賽銅牌獎,並也獲得「國立台灣美術館-藝術銀行」的收購典藏。




這些年善用安瑟‧亞當斯(Ansel Adams, 1902-1984)「分區曝光法」(Zone system 1941)理論,研究融入於當今的數位攝影模式裡,並開創「時空概念」(Temporal and Spatial concept 2015) 攝影法,亦即讓「原本凝結的平面照片影像,產生流動感,形成有生命力量表現的立體影像」。


2014年「台灣攝影藝術博覽會」(Taiwan Photographic Art Exposition 2014 )之後,獲知名企業邀約拍攝有關台北人文景觀的案子,作品便充分運用了「時空概念」攝影法,然而這一系列作品也陸續獲得多個「美術展」與國際攝影獎的肯定,作品面世初期就已經被許多藝術藏家收藏,預計未來數年內他也將會不斷以這類型題材創作,並於今年開始著手寬景攝影和使用中大型片幅相機拍攝,以對應高畫質與大尺寸照片的時代需求,讓攝影作品獲得更精緻質感與更豐富內涵的表現。

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